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Vanessa Gillet Burns

July 17, 2017 HI Jennifer! I thought you might want to see a photo of our gymnasts with your beautiful leotard this week end at their first competition. They all got a medal. Thank you so much!


July 17, 2017 The leotards are great, many people enquired about them. We will definitely order for next year again!

Julia Svirchevski
United States

June 20, 2017 The skating dress lilac (color) worked very well ! My kid is very happy with it. Thanks a lot!

Tracey Burnett

June 19, 2017 Hi Jennifer! 1st place and soooo many fantastic comments about their beautiful leotards. Thank you so much for your work!

Elena Sanders
United States

June 15, 2017 Hi Jennifer. Here are some pictures of the costumes you made for us last year.

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Kimberly Arnuf

June 8, 2017 They took the 2nd place of RG competiton in France.

Kimberly Arnuf

June 8, 2017 They took the 2nd place of acrobats competiton in France.

Heidi Wouters

May 29, 2017 My girl wore your red leotard yesterday at competition. She looked amazing. And she took the 3rd place. Really, I am still happy with the leotards you make for us.

Kelie Holman

May 18, 2017 My dear acrobats in amazing GF leoatrds!

Vivienne Teh

May 15, 2017 Hi, Jennifer! Would like to share with you. We received the leotard 4 days ahead before her birthday & unopened till on her birthday . It surprised us & her that the leotard design, overall colour were so sweet & beautiful, not only that it fit so well on her body yet it was not too tight, we were very happy that she was so excited when she saw the leotard & can't wait to wear it at a competition day next week. Thank you & your team for making my daughter's dream come true & again for such an excellent delivery.

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
Quality of Our RG Leotards
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